My Beagle and Siberian Husky

We have a chunky beagle by the name of Nemo.

We got him when he was about 3 months old and with old age he just got lazy and put on a few pounds. Still the vet says he's in good health except for a little arthritis. When we first got Nemo as a puppy I would tell people I had a new beagle and they would tell me horror stories about how loud they were and that they would howl all night etc.
Luckily we got the most easy going quiet dog around...well except if he sees a cat or another dog then he goes crazy. And he goes crazy when he sees us with food too!  Although I have a strict rule not to feed him our food. Overall he's one heck of a dog and loves to sleep on my son Noah's bed.

In 2008 we adopted our drama queen from the humane society and her name is Kia.

She's a friendly playful white and brown (more like rust) siberian husky with beautiful blue eyes. It took a while for Nemo to get used to her since she was way too playful for him. But now they get along just fine and she only complains when he takes over her bed.

We are grateful and happy to have them in our lives.
If you're thinking of getting a pet make sure to visit the humane society or
My friend who is a chef and an animal lover also has a small business catering to dog lovers.

Remember that smiles and kind words are free to give and precious to receive.

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day.

©2013 PaulaSantos

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