My Birthday...

It's been raining this morning here in Hollywood, FL and I'm just waiting for the sun to come out...Hopefully soon since my mood right now is a little like the weather outside. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the day doing absolutely nothing...well except feeling sorry for myself. First off once you get to a certain age should we really celebrate??? LOL...who wants to be reminded that they are no longer a spring chicken.

I know I need to do what the picture says and just relax (how appropriate that this is actually a sitting area in my backyard).
I have to admit that the reason I have been feeling blue is because I have been working really hard to get my store for my website up and running and the day before my birthday I accidentally hit something that delete most of my work of the past couple of weeks...-> sigh :0(
I guess it could always be worse, anyway right now I just hope the sun will come out and brighten up my day. Hope you are all having a fabulous week and don't forget that smiles are free so share yours with someone and brighten up their day.

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