Artfest Fort Myers, Florida

On February 3rd I dragged my husband and 2 sons all the way to Fort Myers, Florida for the Artfest. Boy... it was a very long ride mainly because the boys were complaining almost the whole time about. Stating they could think of better ways to spend their sunday. But I didn't let their complaining deter me from dragging them to the festival with me. Sometimes it's good to expose them to something they might not necessarily choose to do. The bottom line is that once we got there they had a great time. The food was great and this festival was huge. Although we were not allowed to take photos of the artwork here are some of the artists that were present and that we loved (there were a lot more artists but we choose only a few to give you an idea): this artist was amazing, the boys including the hubby choose this as their favorite - most original jewelry I have seen, exquisite - metal work art - loved this mixed media 2d artist - very nice - mixed media 3d artist - amazing painter
We spend a fabulous day outside, viewing art, eating good food and enjoying the great location of the fair, waterfront.

In conclusion this is an artfest I would definitely consider participating in. The crowd was friendly and there's no better way to spend a sunday than to enjoy art in the outdoors.
have a great day :0)
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Art Festivals/Fairs...Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival

On February 2nd I dragged my husband and one of my sons to the 16th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival (Delray Beach, FL. Even though they weren't too thrilled at first we all ended up having a great time. The festival was held on 4th Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. A great combination of art, crafts and food.

The venue was organized by:
Howard Alan Events & American Craft Endeavors
Producer of the Nation's Finest Juried Art Shows and Craft Festivals

I would definitely participate in this type of festivals. It was well organized and had a great turnout (the weather was fabulous too).
©2013 PaulaSantos

Art Fair & Festival Research...Pinecrest Gardens Art Festival

Since resigning from my job at the end of 2012, I'm trying to find a path to a new career in the art world. The past month has been a journey of doubt and resolutions. So many questions and not enough time in a day to find all the answers. So sometimes it's just best to go with your gut feeling and push fear aside. For is it not fear that keeps us from following our dream. For me it's fear of the unknown but mostly fear of failure. For the past 3 weekends I've dragged my family to art fairs/festivals because I wanted to find out if selling at such venues was feasible for me. It was exciting and fun! The first venue we went to (just me and the hubby) was "Pinecrest Art in the Garden". The gardens were wonderful and they had some really great artists. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the booths were scattered all over the place so it was difficult to figure out whether we had seen everything or not. It was busy but not overcrowded. Final vote was: it's not a fit for me.

Pinecrest Gardens Address: 11000 SW 57th Ave, Pinecrest, FL 33156 Phone:(305) 669-6990 Hours: Thursday hours 9:00 am–6:00 pm
Thanks for reading and if you have any interesting fairs/festivals etc. in your area shoot me an email. I always enjoy hearing from other people. Have a great day :0)
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