Dinner was delicious but the best part is sharing it with good friends

I have to admit that I love food. And for great Italian food one of my favorites places in Fort Lauderdale is Anthony's Runway 84. The place is always packed and the atmosphere is awesome. So today we went there with another couple that are great friends of ours.

As we sat there being served one delicious plate after another I thought about how wonderful it is to reconnect with old friends. Have a few laughs about the past and present and hope that the future is just as great. That's not to say that we haven't each come across bumps and hurdles throughout the past and present but it means but we choose to give more importance to the good times than the bad. And in life I think that's a hard lesson to learn for we all have scars and bruises from those falls we took, whether they were financial, physical or emotional. Life is not always easy but it's a lot more rewarding when you make a conscious decision to learn from the bad and concentrate on the good. So now I'm sitting at home thinking about how fantastic it is to enjoy not just a great meal but even more important how much fun it is to enjoy being with good friends. Reminiscing about the bad, the good and the ugly. Talking about our future plans, dreams and ambitions and raising our glasses and drinking to good health, good friends and future dreams.

Remember that there is no better therapy than laughing with and enjoying the company of good friends and/or loved ones.

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day.

©2013 PaulaSantos

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