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I've taken a little hiatus lately from all my online blogs, websites, facebook, basically because I've been dealing with my son's Crohn's disease. My son was diagnosed with crohn's about 3 years ago. The 2 first years were really tough and in March 2012 he ended up developing an abscess and a small fistula. He had to have surgery and spent about 10 days in the hospital. At that point we decided to try Remicade in order to control his crohn's. For a year things were great. Every 2 months he spent the day at the hospital getting his treatment and he led a normal happy life. About 2 months ago he started feeling sick again and at first the doctors thought he had just developed an infection. They put him on antibiotics for a month. Unfortunately that did not help. He had an MRI done and that came back with great results but yet he didn't feel well. It got the the point were he was having a lot of difficulty sitting and walking so we ended up at his doctors office again trying to figure out what was going on. They finally discovered that he had developed another abscess so he had surgery about 2 weeks ago. At the same time we did a lot of testing and we ended up finding out that his body had developed antibodies against the remicade so that is no longer a viable form of treatment. On monday we head back to the doctors for his first treatment of Humira which we hope will help him get healthy again.  Being sick is hard but having a child sick is really the worst feeling in the world. I wish I could protect him and take all this pain away but all I can do is make sure he gets the best treatment and I can give him all my love.
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